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The French Revolution A Stepping Stone Into The Future

The French Revolution: A Stepping-Stone Into the Future The French Revolution of 1789 started simple because a group, the National Assembly of France, acting as representation for the people of France, attempted to help the struggling peasants by limiting of the monarchy’s power. The result was complete chaos: The end of French monarchy, the death of the king and queen, the Reign of Terror and Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power (French Revolution). These events all played a role in setting the nation up for the Republican government that came later but also caused the death of many people. The effects reached far beyond France not only in the wars France fought with neighboring countries but it also sparked revolutions, revolts and destabilized governments in other parts of Europe and out to North and South America (Loiselle). The French Revolution of 1789 played a very large part in the eventual rise of the French Republic and was a catalyst for many events around the world. The events at the start on the revolution opened the door for several political groups and individuals to air options about what changes should be made. The battle between these groups was not a peaceful one and lead to a very unstable and volatile government that ultimately fell to the power of Napoleon. The individuals who chose to challenge the King’s power originally only wanted to limit it. They may not have realized that the American Revolution, the enlightenment, the financial state of theShow MoreRelatedThe Reasons For The American Revolution992 Words   |  4 PagesAlthough the outcomes of the American Revolution only affected rich, white landowners at the time, it unknowingly provided the stepping stones that will later create equality and liberty for all people in the United States. This historic revolution provided a representative democracy in which future generations may pass or amend laws based on the people’s needs; a radical thought at the time. Other countries since then, such as France and Haiti, have followed the footsteps provided by America inRead MoreThe French and Indian War Led to the Revolutionary War Essay784 Words   |  4 PagesThe French and Indian War, which happened between 1754 and 1763 was a stepping-stone for what would become known as the Revolutionary War. The French and Indian War was originally a dispute over the Ohio River Valley. The French considered it their territory, where as the English considered it theirs. While it was a territorial dispute between the countries, the war took place in the colonies. The colonist fought bravely beside the British, whereas the Indians sided with the French. At the beginningRead MoreMarriage, Divorce, And Cultural Changes Essay996 Words   |  4 Pageslower income, 23-34% unmarried when they give birth, 67% have children. The difference in these two cohabiters show the key components what makes a strong cohabiting couple. Cohabiting is the leading relationship to marriage. I have learned the stepping stones to marriage, how social class plays a huge role, and the nontraditional relationships/ gender roles. This concept really hit home because I related to every discussion. However, my 5 boyfriend and I have been cohabiting for five yearsRead MorePerfume, By Patrick Suskind Essay1598 Words   |  7 Pagesnovel, Perfume, in a French setting, about the French, is questionable. However, candidate answers lie in the setting of the novel itself. Mid-18th century France, which is adjacent to Suskind’s Germany, harboured not only a national, but global revolution of politics, economics, and social norms through the French reforms. This had plentiful influence on all aspects of Prussia since the late 17th century (when Germany was known as Prussia) to the present. This stepping stone to a change in practicalityRead MoreResolutions For Amending The Constitution On Election Of The President1263 Words   |  6 Pageselection of 2000. One recent study—Adams vs. Jefferson, by John Ferling—does an excellent job of tracing the contest’s many twists and turns. (Judging from its title, Jefferson’s Second Revolution, by Susan Dunn, to be released i n September 2004, promises to do the same.) A recent collection of articles, The Revolution of 1800: Democracy, Race, and the New Republic, edited by James Horn, Jan Ellen Lewis, and Peter S. Onuf, offers an excellent survey of different historical approaches to the electionRead MoreLessons To Be Learned From the Study of Warfare Essay1294 Words   |  6 Pagesparadigms. â€Å"Modern strategic organizations† employed by Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, during the French Revolution were systems that were â€Å"†¦fully nationally funded, that enjoyed multilevel staffing and planning, and in which many specialized agencies were coordinated to serve one shared national purpose.† These organizational concepts produced decisive victories for the French army and were mirrored by Napoleon’s adversaries. Napoleon’s ability to shift paradigms was as innovative asRead MoreThe Roots of Happiness1560 Words   |  7 PagesSun had a unified government that was based on the alignment of the planets, with the altar, or sun, being the center. Religion was a major aspect for a unified government. â€Å"This religion [Catholicism], when its abuses have been removed, will be the future mistress of the world, as great theologians teach and hope† (Campanella, 84). This passage describes the lack of trust in the European Church and that not until the church rids its corrupt ways, will the people have faith again. Therefore, this utopiaRead MoreThe Creation of the Airplane963 Words   |  4 PagesFlying has always been one of human’s greatest advancements. From the skies of world war one to the birds floating by. The airplane has created such an amazing transportation revolution all around the world. Approximately over 4.5 million people use an airplane every day for either personal use or work. Orville and Wilbur Wright with the help of thousands of years of research created the first powered aircraft controlled, and sustained in flight with a pilot aboard. The number of years they spentRead MoreA Nation Essay1373 Words   |  6 Pagesout the different approaches employed in defining a nation starting from a nation being a natural cultural entity to it being politically and psychologically formed. It will then continue to discuss briefly the role that a nation plays and also its future. The first approach in defining a nation looks from a sociological perspective. Sociologists began by studying the patterns of human behaviour over a period of time. They realised that humans are not conditioned to live in isolation. Without humanRead MoreEssay on Tomas Friedmans Ideas on Globalization1430 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"I am free†. Sadly today, that opportunity is closing, the chance is slipping and that free America is being chained by the very same people robbing others of a life. The last time in history anyone saw this large of a robbery was during the French Revolution. This is only said because the world is emerging into a global economy that blurs national law and dries countries of their resources. In this world corporations can move their operations to any country they want with no loyalty to that nation

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Alice Pauls Fearless Fight For Womens Rights - 1544 Words

Alice Paul’s Fearless Fight for Women’s Rights â€Å"I never doubted that an equal right was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But, to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary rights (Alice Paul).† Alice Paul’s radicalism played an immense role in ensuring women the due right to vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment, which Congress ratified the Amendment on August 18, 1920. Alice Paul known for her hunger strikes, â€Å"the iron jawed angel† that was jailed and force-fed, which gained her sympathy of the people and recognition in the government. Additionally, Paul vowed that America’s start of WWI would not intervene in the struggle for women’s equal rights. Eventually, her strategies, as well an inducement from Carrie Chapman Catt, prompted President Woodrow Wilson to construct a federal suffrage amendment, war action urgency, a stance he had formerly declined to procure. Paul was a pivotal force in the passage and ratification in 1920 of the Nineteenth Amendment. In her final days, Alice Paul sustained her fight for equal rights for women until her death at the age of ninety-two in 1977. While, Alice Paul never achieved the passing of h er crucial goal of an Equal Rights Amendment, Alice single-handedly concluded the seventy five-year conflict of the women’s suffrage movement. Alice Paul, along with the National Women’s Party upheld the women’s equal

Inquisitorial System Free Essays

When talking bout parliament, we will imagine the debate between MSP regarding political issues as this situation is shown by the media but they are not aware of the real functions of parliament that is to enact law and they don’t even make their own research about the parliament. This research is focusing on the publics awareness of the structures and functions of the Malaysian parliament. This research will attempt to distinguish the awareness of the parliamentary issues between Arts and Sciences programmer students. We will write a custom essay sample on Inquisitorial System or any similar topic only for you Order Now Malaysia practices Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy. The Parliamentary system is the system where the representative of each respective area discusses among them regarding any current issues that arise in Malaysia. Parliament of Malaysia consists of 292 members. Malaysia has three branches of power which are executive, legislative and Judiciary and parliament is under the legislative branch that acts as legislature which enacts laws. The comparison between the Malaysian Parliament and other nations is that the proceeding process in our parliament still in normal condition which can be classified as safe compared to others like Taiwan where the proceeding in their parliament has to be postponed cause of fighting between the two parties in the parliament hall. Same goes to Ukraine when both parties fight among them and as a result debates and discussions cannot be continued and public matters cannot be deliberated on. In Romania their situation goes a little bit worse than others not because of the parties fight but because of the suicide attempt in their parliament hall. As an introduction, this research will focus on observing the knowledge between arts programs and sciences programs students. The verdict for this project is the arts program students are more concerned about the parliamentary system in Malaysia marred to sciences program students. Although the objective of this research is to distinguish the knowledge of the arts students and sciences students regarding the Malaysian Parliament, but it also to provide extra knowledge to certain students who have no idea regarding the parliamentary system in Malaysia. On the other hand, it also enhances the students’ patriotism and also builds a new generation with a good knowledge of Malaysian parliament that will hopefully lead to producing good future leaders. ARTICLE SUMMARY The Doctrine of Ministerial Responsibility in Malaysia: Theory and Practice in a New Regime of Parliamentary Accountability There are some Members of Parliament (MSP) accountable as minister in Malaysia Cabinet; so, these people have two separate tasks; there is, first, the individual responsibility towards his people that he represented, and second, the collective responsibility in the government. Nevertheless, it is clear that their act is highly influenced by their political background and political parties in making decision; for example, during debating and voting process in order to pass a new bill or taxes. So the study of the accountability of Minister which is also MM is vital in order to tell the citizen the rower that he/she has when sit in both position. Individual ministerial responsibility states that a Minister is responsible for every action of his department. It would thus appear that ‘responsible’ in this context has a rather strong meaning than in the context of collective responsibility. L In that context, it amounts to little more than an obligation than to defend and support government policy. On the other hand, reference also should be made to the two types of responsibility in example individual responsibility for policy and administration and individual responsibility or personal conduct. The division is necessary while faced with question such as: should Minister resign simply because ‘something went wrong in their department? Or should the Minister quit on the basis of personal behavior like a sex scandal? As we can see the scenario in Malaysia in the case of Dates Series Chartist Bad Jail quits as a Minister due to her MFC scandals (bribery) which involved her family and herself. 2 Is her decision to leave his position is relevant? In my opinion, her decision is significant because a Minister shall be responsible for her personal conduct such s sincerely and honesty. Secondly, Collective ministerial responsibility emphasizes on the unanimity of government and its responsibility to parliament. The convention requires that all ministers be Jointly responsible as a team to parliament; individual ministers may not in public express views that contradict a government policy; and should be no criticisms from the decisions in public; thus convention requires that all Ministers are bound by the decisions that are taken or recommended in Cabinet and that Cabinet discussions must remain. Hence, whatever the origin of the doctrine of ministerial responsibility, the doctrine has been incorporated into the Constitution. 3 In conclusion, we can point out that there is vagueness on occasion as to the distinction between the two types of accountability which are both closely related and also complementary to one another. This in return has made it really difficult to address or deal with the issue of effectiveness of ministerial responsibility. Take for instance the convention that a Minister who is seriously criticized in Parliament must resign, has not taken hold because the government usually rallies behind a Minister who is being criticized in Parliament. On such an occasion, collective responsibility seems to defeat the notion of individual responsibility. The convention of collective responsibility thus becomes important in achieving party solidarity but it tends to prevent the full operation of the convention of individual responsibility. To sum up, every single matter that concluded in the parliament is always been effected by party’s constitutions and policies, thus the opposition can do nothing if they have different agenda and opinion to be arise and pass. Parliamentary Privilege and Its Practice in Malaysia: An Overview Parliamentary privilege is to provide the necessary remarks in which Parliament in its corporate capacity and its members as individuals can fulfill their responsibilities to the citizens whom they represent and not to protect individual Member of Parliament (MSP). 4 Under the Malaysian Federal Constitution, there are certain articles that mention about parliamentary privileges. For example, art 63 which states that the validity of any proceedings in Parliament shall not be questioned by court. 5 Apart from art 63, art 72 can also be referred to in which it provides the same validity of proceedings in the Legislative Assembly. Despite, as parliamentary privilege does not mean to protect individual MSP, art 63(4) is an exception. To implement Justice, these privileges shall not apply to any person charged with an offence. One of the privileges of Houses of Parliament is right to regulate its own internal proceedings/immunity from Judicial proceeding. Article 63(1) of Federal Constitution together with art 63(2) provides that the court cannot interfere any proceedings in Parliament as well as not liable to any proceedings regarding anything said or any vote given by Members of Parliament . Another privilege is decision as to disqualification. In this particular item, as refer to art 53(1) of the Federal Constitution states that if a member of a Parliament is disqualified, the decision shall be taken as final. There is no need for the Parliament to bring the case to the court as they have their own power. Next is freedom of speech and debate. In the article, it is said that, â€Å"its essence is that no penal or coercive action should be taken against members for what is said or done in Parliament†. 6 The protection applies to activities taken in course of or in connection with parliamentary proceedings. It must also be noted that this privilege is not personal in nature. Lastly is the freedom from arrest. In United Kingdom, this privilege does exist, but in Malaysia, no distinction in nature of the offence whether it is civil or criminal. If means rear, or the intention to commit the crime is there, no person shall be protected under this such privilege. Although these privileges are considered necessary for the proper functioning of Parliament and for the full execution of its powers, it is undeniable fact that the practice of parliamentary privilege in Malaysia faces a lot of challenges due to the fact that by asserting special owners and immunities for Parliament as a whole. And for its Members individually, Parliament throws around itself a cloak of protection which provides rights and immunities not accorded to individual citizens. In other words, when certain class of individuals are given special benefits as opposed to other class or classes of people. Issues of violations of rights and discrimination are bound to arise. This is particularly the case of Malaysia where there is a written constitution and fundamental rights are given pride place at the same time. Hence, the following are some of the challenges facing the operation of parliamentary privileges in Malaysia. Conclusively, this research helps people to know about the operation of parliamentary privileges among members of Parliament in Malaysia but it might be limited knowledge to certain people only. Thus, it is much safer if the researcher is asking the basic question about the membership. The Legislative Jurisdiction of the Federal Parliament in Matters Involving Islamic Law In this article, the writer discusses about the capacity of the federal parliament to enact laws where such laws encompass Islamic laws is with the state legislature and not with the federal parliament. There was a dispute arose when the federal reliant passed the system of Islamic banking and tactful which automatically shake the authority of the state legislature that has full authority to enact Islamic laws. Article 73 defines the Jurisdictional scope of the laws made by parliament and the legislature, with the federal laws having application over the whole or any part of the Federation and, where appropriate, outside it and States laws having authority only in the whole or any part of the State. 9 Thus, the power of the parliament is higher than the state legislative but in this case, it involve the Islamic laws which infuse the writer which types of legislature need to get involve either the parliament or the state legislature. In Federal Constitution, there are several articles that related with this case which explained in detail the role of the legislature. In Article 77 the legislature of a state shall have power to make laws with respect to any matter not enumerated in any of the Lists set out in the Ninth Schedule, not being a matter in respect which parliament has power to make laws. 0 Then the Article 75 explained if any State law is inconsistent with a federal law, the federal law shall reveal and the state law shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void. Al As to solve this case, the Judge refers to the Article 74 of Federal Constitution that consist the three lists. List I is the Federal List, List II is the State List and List Ill is the Concurrent List. For this case, it involve the Federal List and the State List as both lists need to be understand in detailed in order to distinguish their roles and importantly to solve this case. In Federal List, it has been stated that banking is within their role and in State List only stated that it govern only personal and family law matters of Muslims. In conclusion, the authority of the parliament in Islamic banking has been proved as matters such as banking (including Islamic banking), insurance (including tactful) and companies are in the Federal list and therefore the Federal Parliament has the Jurisdiction to enact laws to govern this matters. Parliament has the authority under the constitution to enact Islamic law in respect of all matters (including Islamic law and tactful) save those matters reserved for the States in List II. The matters covered by List II are only those that relate to Islamic personal law. This case increase our knowledge on the function and the structure of the Parliamentary system in Malaysia as for this case it gives clear view to us about the different of legislative jurisdiction between Parliament and State Legislative. Lastly, it help us to understand in deep regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the Parliament in Malaysia which in normal situation as to compare with others like Romania, Taiwan and Ukraine that within critical situation. RESEARCH OUTCOMES / ANALYSIS Background This research was conducted according to stream which was between Science students and Art students in CIFS Ill-KM. The purpose why we carried out this research is to distinguish the general knowledge between these two groups in the field of Parliamentary System in Malaysia. We had distributed 25 survey forms for each programmer. In order to ease our research we divided the questions into 3 types, which were Definition I. E. A Bill is a draft law, Functions ‘e the function of Parliament is to enact law, and Membership of Parliament I. E. A member of Dean Engage is a Senator. Figure 1 : Graph on Analysis on the awareness of Parliamentary issues according to stream based on Definition questions. This type of questions covered he term that used in Parliament such as Bill. Basically, only the art students know about this question because they learnt this in class. While the science students may know this if they read papers and magazines. Based on the data above, 18 students from Art programmer tend to answer correctly whereas only 12 students from Science program know the right answer. It is clearly that 72% of art students answer it right. On the other hand, only 48% get the right answer while majority (58%) of them failed this question. In the nut shell, Science students do not concern and do not even know about our fundamental Parliamentary System. In an article from thetas, it said that â€Å"Malaysian tend to read less as they grow older, according to Malaysian National Library director-general Dates Raisin ABA Baker . â€Å"12 Besides that, the second Deputy Speaker of Ghana Parliament, Proof. Aaron Michael Quays, has called on students in the country to inculcate the habit of reading themselves, to improve on their knowledge base. According to Proof. Quays, it was only through reading that one could acquire knowledge, in order to be part of the changing world. 13 From the two sources, it is proven that the awareness of Malaysian about Parliament is low because reading is the key to knowledge but as Malaysian grow older, they tend to read less. It can also be assumed that if they did not learn it in class, they have no effort to read it and to search about it by themselves. Figure 2 : Graph on Analysis on the awareness of Parliamentary issues according to stream on Function questions. Another type of question which is the functions of Malaysian Parliament, most students from both groups know more about this topic. It can be seen that the number of students that concern and aware more about the functions is higher than other topic of questions. They might aware more due to the exposition of media. For example, in thetas online, there was a news about functions of Parliament which is to enact law, â€Å"PITUITARY: The Government will table the International Transfer of Prisoners (TOP) bill 2012 when parliament reconvenes this Swept 24, in a bid to bring home Malaysian locked up abroad. â€Å"14 According to the research, even though the number of the students that aware increased, Arts Students still conquer the topic. Based on the graph above, it shows that arts students know more about Malaysian Parliamentary system. The number of arts dents that have more knowledge about this topic is 19, 2 students more than sciences students which is 17 only. Figure 3 : Graph on Analysis on the awareness of Parliamentary issues according to stream on Membership of Parliament questions. In terms of question of membership of Parliament, one study has found that Arts students are more concern about this type of questions. Based on the graph, it shows that among 25 students, 15 of them answer the questions correctly. In contrast, there are only 10 students of sciences programmer know about the membership of Parliamentary in Malaysia whereas 1 5 students do not concern very well about this tater. To be proven, different programmer have different awareness due to their subjects which are not related to this issue. In short, the topic on Membership of Parliament is rarely published in the media, this is the reason why less Sciences Students know about this. Media do play an important role in giving knowledge, especially with the topic that they do not learn in class. In Nepal newspaper, The Rising Nepal, an author stated the role of media in his article, â€Å"It plays a deciding role in assessing the political performance of the parties and the government. â€Å"15 Figure : Graph on Analysis on the awareness of Parliamentary issues according to stream. Overall, the graph illustrates the awareness of arts students pertaining to Parliamentary issues is slightly higher that sciences students. Unfortunately, the number of the students who are concern about this issue is not satisfying. From 50 students, only 9 arts students and 3 sciences students claim that they aware about Parliamentary issues which is only 24% from students in CIFS Ill-KM. our assumptions towards arts students especially Law students slumped when they themselves confess that they do not care much about this matter. In previous graphs, hey answer it correctly because they learnt it in class. On the other hand, this type of question talked about awareness which is something they get outside classes and by their own effort. As we mentioned before, usually students in Malaysia read less. Consequently, they do not have any knowledge about it and this symptom will make them failed to think out of the box. LIMITATION The hindrances that we encountered while conducting our research can be observed in distributing our survey forms and the article summary. At first, it took many hours in finding the articles on given topics and after we found the articles, it was very official to understand what the articles were all about. Such matter would lead to problems when summarizing all three articles, because understanding was important in summarizing the articles. Based on an article by Sir Swami Administration’s, said that â€Å"there is also an importance in developing our understanding, even if it seems somewhat esoteric and unnecessary compared to our normal practices. Because the truth is, unless we develop some understanding of what we’re seeking, even if we discover it, we won’t likely be able to recognize it. 16 Another limitation that emerged during our research was some students did not give lull cooperation while answering our survey. For example, some of them Just filled out the answer without reading the question. Then, there were certain students who did know the answers, but they pretended like they knew it and answered wrongly. This might lead to some problems when making a conclusion. While conducting our research, the facilities in CIFS are considered as good. The process of finding the articles was easy although there were some limitations regarding the slow internet of Wi-If in Ill-KM. Next, the cooperation among members of the group was very indeed needed in giving idea to understand the articles very well. In our opinion, based on what had happened, group members should be more considerate and cooperative as we need each other in the future. CONCLUSION We certainly achieved our objective which is to differentiate the knowledge of arts students and sciences students regarding Parliamentary System in Malaysia. We also provide a few information about the Malaysian Parliament to those who have no idea about what is parliament during the survey process in order to create a new generation that have great concern about our own legal system. Although we have provide some knowledge to the students but we also gain a little bit knowledge urine this research process in detailed during the process of searching facts about the parliament of other nations. For instance, we learnt others name of parliament like in Afghanistan called Short, in Azerbaijan called Millie Majors and Croatia called Saber. 17 Another example, we also have learnt the current situation of our own parliament and others which expose us to the new world of parliament that shows huge different as to compare with our parliament. For recommendation, the university should provide specific subjects that compulsory to all students like history hat enhance their basic knowledge of Malaysia. Apart from that, Malaysia’s media should show more programs about Malaysia legal system to give a extra knowledge about politics in Malaysia to all Malaysian. How to cite Inquisitorial System, Papers

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Informed Consent in Psychology

Informed Consent refers to the premeditated and thoughtful approval or assent given by an individual or corporation. For assent to pass as an informed consent, then the party involved must be properly, clearly and in details be informed on the matter at hand.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Informed Consent in Psychology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This should be followed by an elaborate explanation and expounding to ensure there are no ambiguous words and ascertain the matter is crystal clear to the participant before making any binding decision. In research projects, informed consent is very important. Research and behavioral study are very important fields in psychology. If a research on a specific group of people or an individual is conducted without informed consent, the research findings and recommendations are deemed to be unreliable and lack authenticity. Such research could lead to the prosecution o f the researchers, as it is illegal and raises major ethical issues. The main aim in the creation of the informed consent rule was mainly to shield people from the medical practices of psychology. The rule clearly stipulates that no research can be conducted without the involved party’s knowledge and most important, approval. The ethical issue arising emanates from the notion that human beings are born free with a free will, no effort should undermine that freedom. Therefore when an individual is used as a specimen without his/her approval, then the endeavor to always let people exercise their freedom is tampered with. Ethically, human beings should not be used as objects of research with the notion that the end justifies the means, rather human beings should at all time be viewed as the end itself. Informed consent at times leads individuals to get involved in fatal practices, raising the ethical issue whether we have authority to choose life and death.Advertising Looki ng for essay on ethics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Competence Competence refers to the conventional needs, requirements and expectations to be met for any person to be deemed as suitable and preferred to take charge of any given task. Competence could also be mental. Mental competence is the ability and capacity of any given individual to properly, efficiently and objectively participate in legal proceedings. Competence is a very important aspect in professional practice. Competence in any given field like in psychology, or medicine ensures delivery of services is in the appropriate professional manner. This ensures people are catered for their specific needs. In psychology, competence ensures clients are treated for the respective disorders and the diagnosis is for the right ailments. This saves time, resources and creates a healthy society whose needs are properly catered for. This in turn creates order and harmony in the so ciety eliminating chaos. In professional practice, competence is maintained in a number of ways. The most important is making sure the professionals are highly qualified in the specified field. Specialization is thus very central in maintaining competence. Qualification should be both in academic and experience gained. To ensure the right personnel are hired, it is important to hire workers on merit and weed out corruption. Competence is also maintained through formulating of the right policies in running an institution. Policies and rules guiding the personnel should be objective, clear, and implemental. Laws governing the practice and conduct of professionals are also in place and effective to ensure those who are not competent are suspended or at times charged. Use of the appropriate IT facilities has also been emphasized, this ensures more materials to refer to are available and professional sharing is facilitated. Competence is the key to successive and objective professionalis m. This essay on Informed Consent in Psychology was written and submitted by user Abdullah H. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Detroit Industry by Diego M. Rivera essays

Detroit Industry by Diego M. Rivera essays Detroit industry by Diego Rivera, is a contemporary masterpiece whose elements allow one to explore the beauty of art and its different components. Its unique representation of shape and form, space and color, harmony and balance, provide a great opportunity to observe what makes art universal. One of the ways, in which harmony is revealed in this mural, is through the quasi-symmetry, which is intentionally applied through the use of curves and angles. In the first panel, harmony is achieved through the use of color. The opposing forces of light and darkness seem to meet at the center with a flourish. While the right side of the panel can seem static, the left side of the panel implies movement through the use of harmony. In the second panel, the lines present almost always end in straight angles, while the curves seem to disappear behind these angles. It is harmonious because curves disappear and angles emerge. In the left and right sides of the second panel, the angular shapes are dominant, while the curves take over at the center of the panel. In this panel, light and darkness have shifted sides in comparison with the first panel, and once again they meet at the center; this time duplicating the flourish at the center with fire. In the first panel, the shapes are inorganic. While the left side seems structured, the right side appears to be chaotic. In the second panel, organic forms, such as the workers, contrast with the geometric shapes represented by tubes, piping, rails, and rigs. While the men, as organic shapes, are not symmetrical, they also represent curves and angles in harmony. In the first panel, the harmony of contrasting values is highlighted by the rich, dark, right side and the bright and warm left side. These values contrast, yet again, first panel vs. second panel, where the warm and bright colors appear on the opposing side (as a high value), and the dark, rich colors meet diagonally (...

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Top 3 Secrets to Getting Hired for Any Job

Top 3 Secrets to Getting Hired for Any Job Finding it hard to stay ahead of the competition? Do you feel completely lacking in confidence when it comes to seeking out, applying for, and interviewing at prospective jobs? According to a LinkedIn expert who focuses on market shifts and analyzes how applicants can get ahead of the competition, there are three secrets you should keep in mind while job searching to increase your chances of getting hired for any job. 1. Focus not on who you know, but who your contacts knowThe number of people actively looking for work increased steadily over the past few years. But as of May 2016, 5.5 million jobs were still open. More employers are looking for top class talent and more workers are hoping to switch to better companies or fields. The way to use this to your advantage is to tap into your network. Companies prefer to hire candidates referred by a source they trust. Even if you don’t know someone at a company you’re applying to, figure out who you know that might know some one there.And remember: it’s often not your sister or best friend who’ll land you your next job. It could be anyone: your babysitter’s aunt, your coworker’s former neighbor, etc. First degree connections are great, but not the be all and end all. Think bigger than your immediate circle and branch out to use your whole network. Accept the third degree.2. Focus not on what your degree says, but what you actually knowYour major doesn’t matter that much. Besides, industries are changing so much and so rapidly these days that it is almost impossible to predict what the best field of study would be to land the work that will be most in demand–or how to meet the expanding demands of that industry. Focus on proving yourself to be a lifelong learner. Constantly accept opportunities to build new skills. Choose a field of study that gives you the broadest swatch of skill and knowledge. And then figure out how to put what you know into the proper contex t for any given job. Always think about how your particular group of skills could translate the position you’re applying for, and focus on communicating that.3. Focus on the power you do haveIt can feel powerless to be on the job market, but it doesn’t have to. Advances in technology and the gig economy mean that power is ever-shifting into the hands of job seekers. Be ready to wield it. Keep an eye on the market and be ready to pounce on new opportunities. It soon may be the case that companies come looking for you when you’re in the market for a challenging new opportunity. Until then, keep an open mind, and build your brand.

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Rebekah Nathan's My Freshman Year Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rebekah Nathan's My Freshman Year - Essay Example Thus leaves the profoundest question that the book infers: 'Is it plausible for teachers and professors to influence the dominant student culture' The question then becomes, 'why would the professors of today want to influence student behavior and thinking' From Rebekah Nathan's research which steers clear of criticism, I see clearly three main reasons for wanting to affect change in the minds of students: one is the ignorance of world affairs and peoples; the other is the materialism that marks modern American priorities; and the third being the apparent lack of discipline and integrity in the more honorable precepts of what a higher school of learning is for in the first place. Some of the more profound research that Rebekah Nathan conducted was her interviews with minority students in revealing the lack of knowledge American students have of worldliness and in relating with other people outside of the dominant culture. Comments made by American freshman students such as, "Is Japan in China" or "Is it North Korea of South Korea that has a dictator" and even, "Where exactly is India" amazed international students (Nathan 84). In regards to friendships with people from other races, minorities were not so easily befriended by American students. A student from France noted, "Friendship is very surface-defined here. It is easy to get to know people, but the friendship is superficial. We wouldn't even call it a friendship. In France, when you're someone's friend, you're their friend for life" (Nathan 75). Many other examples from students around the world felt this way too. One student was befuddled that nobody ever even asked him about the country in which he c ame from. I believe that American students need to improve in their interest, acceptance, and knowledge of people from around the world and to understand that America is not the center of the world. Another deterrent from students developing more substantial relationships appears to be because of technology and America's strong views of independence and freedom. For example, many students communicate by computer, even when they are in close proximity to each other; television and computer gaming is a typical activity shared that does not provide much opportunity for interaction; and, because everyone wants to be independent and free, students are finding it harder to commit to group related activities and causes. Rebekah Nathan portrays college to be both a rite of passage but essentially a jumping off place for acquiring a future job. In Rebekah Nathan's surveys and questioners it was only a select few individuals who stated their purpose for going to a university was to learn. The main reasons involved: future jobs, relationships, social interaction and fun. This leads us to the question Rebekah Nathan asks in so many indirect ways, 'Why are students coming to universities in the first place' More students are attending college then ever before; a privilege once reserved for the elite is now made possible to all. More modern-day students need to work while in school in order to pay for college. Student's time is limited and the debts wait at the end of college life with the hopes of landing the perfect job to pay off those debts. The reason for attending a university I understood from Rebekah Nathan's notes